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Five Common Accidents at Work over Christmas

Five Common Accidents at Work over Christmas

Christmas accidents at work


If you are like The Training Company team, you might be starting to feel a bit festive in the office. And why not? It is Christmas after all. Well we’ll tell you why not. The Christmas spirit, or the morning after the Christmas spirit, does occasionally lead to people taking their eye of the ball at work. And as we all know, if people aren’t focused on the task in hand, accidents can happen. Here’s a light-hearted look at some of the most common accidents in the workplace at Christmas time.

1. Road accidents

Unfortunately road accidents are even more likely over the Christmas period. More vehicles on the road, stressed, ‘tired’ drivers and poorer driving conditions do not mix well.

2. Slips and trips

Slips and trips are a common injury at the workplace at any time of year. Bear in the mind that some people might be less sure on their feet – we can’t think why – probably resulting in more slips and trips – especially on the dancefloor at the Christmas party.

3. Food or alcohol poisoning

It goes without saying that people like to indulge themselves at this time of year, in their own time of course, but also at the Christmas lunch and party. Vet your caterers carefully. You don’t want your whole workforce being struck down by a toxic Turkey or a viral vol au vent

4. Office pranks

A relaxed mood in the office often leads to an increase in office pranks. So lock up those staple guns, hide the super glue and install a security camera to watch over the office photocopier – the glass has been known to break under heavy loads.

5. Burns

Burns are another common injury at work regardless of the season. With Christmas comes the addition of fairy lights, candles and fire in general. Make sure your fire extinguishers have been serviced.

So now you know when the alarm bells, as opposed to Christmas bells, should be ringing. Obviously you can’t prevent people having fun but at least you know when it might be good to have a few First Aiders on hand.

Have an amazing, but safe, Christmas.

From all at The Training Company.

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