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Keep Safe Students! Health & Safety tips from The Training Co

Health and Safety Tips for students


As I write nervous Mum’s and Dad’s are dropping off their darlings at university all around the country. If you happen to be one of these parents I’m sure the happy prospect of more free time to yourself is more than offset by the worries of the various dangers your child might face having to fare for themselves for the first time.

Well, we’re always keen to help so here’s some basic health and safety tips to students. Feel free to forward it on. Then let’s all hope they’ll have time to read it!






There’s a whole list of procedures you should follow to ensure proper food hygiene. Read them here. But here are three vital rules to follow.

1. Keep things clean. Always wash your hands before and after cooking and be especially careful when cooking raw meat and fish.
2. Don’t leave things hanging around. Seal and store food in the fridge but chuck away leftovers after a few days.
3. Always heat food properly.


Going out




We’d be naive to tell you not to drink, but do try and drink sensibly. You’re far more likely to injure yourself if you are under the influence. Drunk people also make very easy targets. If you’re going out off campus plan your trip and travel in a group. If you must walk on your own, stick to well lit streets and walk confidently. Don’t wear headphones or speak on your phone so you can stay aware of your surroundings. The best advice however, is to stay with your friends at all times and promise to look after each other.

More tips on staying safe at night.


Staying healthy




Register with your local GP as soon as you can. Then help will be on hand when you need it. Don’t prolong a visit to the GP, nip any problems in the bud early. Try and live a healthy lifestyle (as much as you can!) to minimise the risk of physical and mental illness. Eat and sleep well and try to to take regular exercise. If you’re sexually active, get regular check-ups and insist on a condom. More health advice from the NHS.


 Be a hero


Giving CPR


It’s inevitable you’ll come into contact with some accidents during your time at university, so why not make sure you can be the hero in your friend’s time of need? Arrange a First Aid course for you and your friends to get acquainted with some first aid basics such as the recovery position, dealing with choking and CPR.

The Training Co offers courses in First Aid, Food Safety and Health & Safety. We offer regular open courses across the North West of England but will happily travel to you to deliver bespoke courses for groups, including universities. Get in touch to find out more.

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