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Replacement Certificates

Replacement Certificates – which have been achieved with The Training Co.

Certificates are important documents, not only do they confirm your achievement but they can be used as legal documents to prove your commitment to uphold your responsibilities within your role and therefore should be looked after and renewed as required. However we recognise they can get lost, accidentally destroyed or maybe even not find their way to the candidate. All meaning a replacement certificate is required. Although this can be done, possibly with costs, we need to ensure the correct person is requesting and receiving the new leaflet so please complete the form below.


Certificate costs


E-Mail Pdf certificate that can be saved and printed by yourselves – Free of Charge
The certificate will be presented on The Training Co background and will state that it is not the original, but it will have the Awarding Organisation details including the candidate certificate number so it can be checked for legitimacy


Certificates request from the Awarding Organisation – £20.00 plus VAT
We will apply for a new certificate with any spelling changes required. Please note that the Awarding Organisation has the final say in whether changes can be made or even if the certificate can be re-printed (if the request is denied, a refund of this replacement certificate fee will be given). Choosing this option will raise an invoice to be paid prior to re-printing request.


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    Replacement Certificate Process


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