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Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Training for Businesses and Workplaces

Our experienced food safety training specialists deliver curated classroom experiences designed to keep people safe and comply with the UK’s food hygiene standards.

Food Safety Courses Delivered by Experts

If you run a food business or handle any type of foodstuff designed for distribution or sale to the general public, you have a legal obligation to adhere to the UK’s stringent food safety standards. The training courses we provide don’t just result in official, nationally recognised qualifications — they ensure employees know, understand and adopt the measures required to protect public health.

Whether you’re looking for food hygiene training online or an open training event in the Manchester or other areas, we can help. Our trainers have extensive experience and expertise in the principles and regulations surrounding food hygiene in the UK — and they’re ready to share their knowledge with your colleagues and employees. Call us today on 0845 838 4643 to learn more or book your food safety training package online.

Open Food Safety Courses in Manchester

As one of the leading food hygiene training providers in the Greater Manchester area, we hold regular open training sessions in and around this great city of ours, in the likes of the city centre, Wigan and Bolton. If you only have one or two attendees, this may be the most cost-effective way to ensure your employees are fully trained and understand their responsibilities in relation to food safety. Book a place on one of our nationally recognised courses, and just turn up at our Accredited Premium Training Centre on the day.

On-Site Food Hygiene Training

For large groups of food hygiene training attendees, we recommend our on-site group packages. For a pre-arranged, fixed price — based on the number of people attending — we’ll travel to you and deliver our exceptional food safety training on your premises. We’ll supply everything required to train and certify everyone, so all you need to do is book online and arrange for everyone to attend on the day.

Food Safety Training Courses for Every Eventuality

We specialise in Level 1, Level 2 and Level three food safety accreditations. Our meticulously detailed and comprehensive approach covers all the UK’s mandatory food safety requirements — ensuring your business remains legally compliant, safe and profitable. If you need to introduce staff to the basic concepts of food hygiene in a commercial setting, the most cost-effective option is the Level 1 Online Food Safety Course, which can be completed at a time and according to a schedule that suits your business.

Book Food Hygiene Training

We have fully accredited food safety courses in Manchester in three different formats: online, on-site and open sessions across Greater Manchester. Book your package online, or call us on 0845 838 4643 for more information.

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