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Buy a LifeVac – it could save a life

Buy a LifeVac – it could save a life

LifeVac is the latest First Aid device to hit the market and it’s already causing a stir in Europe (as well as the US where it was founded). The non-evasive device looks like and is based on the old sink plunger, it creates a suction pressure far greater than the pressure achieved through back-slaps or abdominal trusts and has proved to be 100% effective at removing blockages from the airway.


Lifevac – it could save a life!

The current First Aid protocol when someone is choking is as follows:

  1. Check if the casualty needs help
  2. If so give up to 5 back blows followed by up to 5 abdominal trusts
  3. Stop back blows and abdominal trusts only when the blockage has been removed or when the casualty becomes unconscious.
  4. Then go for help, if not already done so by someone else, and start CPR.

However it is a fact that the oxygen in the casualty is probably sufficient for another 4 or 5 minutes, the heart is functioning normally, although faster, all the casualty needs is the blockage removing – not CPR! CPR was always advised as there was no alternative – until now!

We provide full instructions on how to use LifeVac when you receive your order but simply put the face mask is placed over the victim’s nose and mouth and then the plunger is applied. The unit produces a large amount of reverse pressure from behind the lodged object to pull it loose and out of the airway. It has been proven to be far more effective than traditional methods like back blows and abdominal trusts.

The LifeVac has been design for use in obvious places where choking can happen – restaurants, cafes, bars etc, but also for those with difficulty swallowing such as sufferers of Dementia, Alzheimers etc. Under 4’s and over 75’s are the most common age groups to suffer from choking so it is a very sensible purchase for organisations delivering services to these age groups such as nurseries and retirement homes.

The Training Co is a National distributor for LifeVac and can you Buy LifeVac online now for only £52.50, over 10% off the usual price.

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