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First Aid at Work Courses – 1 or 3 Days?

First Aid at Work Courses – 1 or 3 Days?

So the boss has elected you to organise First Aid at Work Training for the office, congratulations on the new responsibility! But where do you start?

Deciding on a 1 or 3 day First Aid at Work Course is one of the key questions you need to address but let’s quickly recap on some of the other issues you might need to solve first.

  • Are we high risk or low risk? – as you would expect the higher the risk the more training you should have.
  • How many employees need the training? – if you’re a big company you’ll probably need to train a few individuals.
  • Train in-house or at a training centre – what ever suits you but if there’s a few of you probably in-house is more efficient

Rather than start to explore these issues further in this blog I recommend you make yourself familiar with this very handy First Aid at Work information sheet provided by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness. Hopefully this should answer many of your questions but we’re more than happy to provide a free assessment of your needs too.

First Aid at Work Courses


So back to the principal question, 1 or 3 days?

1 day First Aid at Work course

Often called Emergency First Aid at Work, this course aims to teach students all the basics of emergency first aid, including:

  • The law relating to First Aid
  • Dealing with the incident
  • Artificial ventilation and CPR
  • Recovery position
  • Shock
  • Choking
  • Bleeding, breaks
  • Burns
  • Epilepsy

The 1 day course is appropriate for organisations who identify themselves as low risk. It might also be relevant for training a larger number of your secondary First Aiders, let’s call them the back-up team.


3 day First Aid at Work course

This is an in-depth First Aid at Work course dealing with more serious and multiple injuries with more detailed first aid training and more time for discussion and practice. It covers:

• The Law relating to First Aid
• Recovery position
• Asthma and hyperventilation
• Angina, heart attack, cardiac arrest
• Breaks, amputations & dislocations
• Burns
• Epilepsy and diabetes
• Communication & delegation
• Artificial ventilation and CPR
• Choking
• Major & minor bleeding
• Head injuries
• Poisoning
• Shock

The 3 day course is aimed at organisations who have identified themselves as higher-risk. It is also appropriate for individuals who are in charge of First Aid for their organisations.

Hopefully that gives you an initial idea of which First Aid at Work course is right for you and your organisation. But please do get in touch now for a free assessment.

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