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10 things you’ll know after your First Aid at Work course

10 things you’ll know after your First Aid at Work course

If you’re the person booking your company First Aid at Work courses we’re sure you probably already know what people can learn. But what about the people attending the courses? They might not be so sure what they can get out of attending.


This quick list can be a useful tool for you to use to share with staff and ensure they understand what is expected. Hopefully after reading this list people will realise how useful, not to mention potentially life-saving, their attendance could be.


Here’s our Top 10 of things you should know after attending one of our 1 day Emergency First Aid at work courses.


1. You’ll understand the role of a first aider within the workplace. This is important as after successful completion of the Emergency First Aid at work course this is what you will be – a qualified first aider!


2. You’ll learn the recovery position and how to move someone into the recovery position without injuring them further.

Learn the recovery position

3. The importance of a defibrillator and how to use it.


4. You’ll know basic steps to follow to help you deal with a medical emergency safely, promptly and effectively.


5. You’ll be able to recognise if someone is suffering from shock and how to treat them.


6. You’ll be able to spot when someone might be choking and understand a number of different techniques to alleviate the problem.


7. How to spot if someone is unconscious, identify whether they are breathing or not and what actions to take in each scenario.

8. You can identify when CPR is required and know how to give it – CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation – you don’t really need to know this though – as long as you know how to give it!

Giving CPR


9. You’ll get familiar with the most common accidents in the workplace such as bleeding, breaks and burns and how to deal with them.


10. You’ll know what’s in a First Aid Kit and how you can use each item.

Find out more about our Emergency First Aid at Work courses here. This is a one day course. We also regularly organise more in-depth three day First Aid at Work courses as well as Requalification and Paediatric First Aid courses. Please contact us now with any questions.

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