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CIEH Surrenders Recognition as a Regulated Awarding Organisation

CIEH Surrenders Recognition as a Regulated Awarding Organisation

There have been some important changes with the UK’s 4th Largest Awarding Organisation, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). The CIEH has chosen to surrender its recognition as a regulated Awarding Organisation, but, it has not stopped awarding qualifications! We explain the changes further in this blog.

Environmental Safety

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The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) has a Royal Charter Status and therefore does not need to be part of the regulated structure required by the three regulatory bodies: OFQUAL, Qualifications Wales (QiW) and the Council for the Curriculum, Exams and Assessment (CCEA). CIEH is the industry leader with a strong and well-known foundation in the food safety and health and safety arenas, so its new Awards will be well-recognised and compliant with legislation. From May 2017, the CIEH will continue to offer Food Safety and Health and Safety Qualifications at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels, with an end examination and instant results.

So what’s changed?

There are two main changes.

Firstly, the syllabus. It’s basically the same, but with no ‘Guided Learning Hours’. Training Centres (like The Training Co) are now able to work with clients and develop courses which meet the specific need of the organisations. This gives scope to develop courses with more emphasis on business related topics, covering specific areas of work, and the potential to use relevant pictures, workplace procedures and videos.

Secondly, CIEH membership. All training organisations will have a nominated person who is a member of the CIEH. There are three different levels of Membership:

  • Affiliate – Certificate of Membership
  • Accredited Associate – Level 4 + Qualified
  • Member – Qualified and CIEH Assessed

To run a CIEH course, you just need to become an Affiliate Member, however to ensure you are receiving training from someone who knows what they are talking about we advise you only use a training company that is an Accredited Associate or a Member.


If you would like to know more about these changes, please contact us, or read more on the CIEH website.

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