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Further to your attendance of a First Aid course, we promised we would keep you informed of any changes which may effect the way you use your First Aid skills.

Below is some information on the recent changes by the European Resuscitation Council which came into effect in 2016

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The Traning Co First Aid
Use of an AED

Although employers are not required to have an AED on site, a Risk Assessment should be completed to show this. You might find that there is a local public one which is accessible!

But where it is on site …

If a casualty is Not Breathing Normally and the AED can be got within a minute – leave the casualty and get it and use it straight away. If it is not, start CPR until someone else brings it or the Emergency Services arrive.

The Traning Co Health and Safety
Use of a Mobile Phone

Do you know how to put it on Speaker Phone?

It is highly recommended that First Aiders should know how to use the ‘Speaker Phone’ facility on their mobile, to enable continuous support from the call handler.

What’s the difference between 999 and 112 – Nothing! Being part of Europe means that those visiting from Europe don’t need to remember a new emergency number.

First Aid Traning

CPD Quizz

  1. How many compressions to ventilations do you give on an adult?
  2. What are the signs and symptoms of Shock?
  3. How do you deal with a person who is suffering from a Seizure?
The Traning Co Tourniquetes

They are back! But not for everyone!

Employers need to complete a risk assessment and identify if any work practices could lead to a catastrophic injury, such as amputations. Training should then be given on the use of tourniquets at work.

The Traning Co Emphasis on Hard and Fast
Emphasis on Hard and Fast

Good CPR is essential.

Finding the correct position in the center of the chest a long with a good depth and correct speed is proven to help – but it MUST be effective. Yes you should still give ventilations if you have been trained and it is safe.


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